to Acorn Plant Hire, a family-run business specialising in plant hire with clients throughout the UK.

Specialised Equipment

Acorn Plant Hire Ltd offer specialised equipment for precision control and shaping.

Welcome to Acorn Plant Hire, a family-run business specialising in plant hire with clients throughout the UK. We have a wealth of experience, and pride ourselves on an excellent standard of customer service, giving you the plant you need at affordable prices. We work with clients of all sizes, from small builders to major works contracts, and we take pride in offering the same excellent service to everyone.
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Plant hire offers you great savings, allowing you to access exactly the right equipment for your needs every time. Rather than struggling to complete your work with undersized plant, or using something that’s too big and uneconomical, we can source exactly the right machinery based on your precise requirements. From mini excavators to bulldozers and dump trucks, whatever you need we can source it and deliver it to your door.

We have developed an excellent relationship with our network of hire operators, meaning that we can get you the best equipment at the best prices, helping you to make savings on your equipment without making compromises. We make sure that every piece of machinery supplied is in excellent working order and in compliance with all the relevant health and safety legislations, so you can simply get on with your job.

Whatever the size of your project, from small building jobs and landscaping up to major earthworks, we can help you with the plant hire you need to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

For more information, or to talk to us about your plant hire needs, get in touch with us today on 01254 775696.

Case Studies

Working Progress

Acorn Plant Hire as just won a major contract in Hawkshaw Bolton to install land drainage to a private land owner, this also includes new service roads and installation of a main water supply and the installation of water troughs to various paddocks.

We found the need to employ C.Ball Forestry to remove and mulch willow trees from our next stage of land drainage, working with Chris specialized equipment keeps us on schedule and the customer happy, we found the need to take on more temporary staff to cover our increasing work load which is good news alround.

Our Clients Include...